Gene Gosewehr

Special guest

Gene is a husband, father, preacher of the Gospel, and grower of magnificent facial hair. Formerly the creator and administrator of, Gene and many of his writers joined forces with Reel World Theology in January 2016 to expand both audiences and champion the message that entertainment is not mindless. He hopes to shed light on the numerous ways in which a secular industry like Hollywood still manages to tell stories revealing a heart searching for truths of life that can ultimately only be satisfied in God.

Gene finally obeyed the call of the Gospel after two years at Purdue University where he got his degree in Land Surveying and Geomatics Engineering. He now sets up shop in Lebanon, IN with his wife and three children. In the spring and summer months you’ll find him coaching no less than two baseball/softball teams and managing a Jr. High baseball league. He also writes and podcasts at, a site dedicated to teaching the Christian worldview through apologetics.

Gene Gosewehr has been a guest on 3 episodes.