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Chad's Guest Appearances

Chad's Guest Appearances

Every once in a while, Chad will have the wonderful opportunity to appear on another podcast to talk about movies or their music. Here's a list of podcast episodes that he's appeared on!

Feelin' Film
A podcast hosted by Aaron White and Patrick Hicks where they talk about movies from an emotional perspective - because every movie makes you feel something!

Franchise Fatigue (formerly Underrated Podcast)
A podcast hosted by Gabriel Green and James Hamrick where they talk about movie franchises one installment at a time, giving you behind-the-scenes making-of info and detailed discussion of the movie itself!

Home One Radio
A weekly Star Wars discussion podcast hosted by Josh Crabb and Blaine Grimes where they discuss Star Wars stories across all media from a positive perspective!

MovieByte (not including official host capacity)
Chad's first foray into podcasting. He was officially cohost from Episode 50 to Episode 102. The MovieByte Podcast was primarily hosted by TJ Draper and Joe Darnell, and they talked about movie news, trailers, and reviewed new releases.

TJ Draper and Joe Darnell's followup to MovieByte, along with Tim Smith. They talk about both movies and TV.

Thank You For Spieling
MuggleCast's Eric Scull, frequent guest of Cinescope, finally launched his own podcast where he and friends talk about all kinds of things!